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Evaverse Purrtle Pack

Battlebound is the creator of the Evaverse, a compete-to-own platform built for gamers and NFT collectors to comp...

Evaverse Purrtle Packs nft showcase

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Dec. 20, 2022, 10 a.m. (UTC)

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FREE (ethereum)

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NFT Launch



– Follow Evaverse & Battlebound on Twitter
– Retweet Announcement post
– Join Battlebound Discord Server & get the ‘Member’ role
– Input Evaverse Account ID with your wallet connected to it (WHAT IS EVAVERSE ACCOUNT ID? – READ HERE)
– Complete 50 Cosmic Cup Races in Evaverse
*Your Evaverse Account ID can be found on your account page on our website, and it’s a sequence of numbers (i.e. 30133).
We will distribute 1,000 Purrtles Packs as part of this promotion. We’re also going to host different tournaments, events and raffles throughout this month to give away more Packs to players! Make sure you follow our Discord server and Twitter account not to miss those out.
Cosmic Cup Design Breakdown
Battlebound is the creator of the Evaverse, a compete-to-own platform built for gamers and NFT collectors to compete, play, and socialize in an immersive world. The studio’s latest game mode, built within the Evaverse, is Cosmic Cup, a frantic game mode where players get to race as their pets.
Battlebound created an exclusive collection of Purrtles, a fusion of cat and turtle avatars, that will compete side by side with the existing Turtle Troop pets in this new fun and exciting game mode.
By participating in the premint campaign, players can earn a Purrtle Pack wearable NFT. This fantastic-looking in-game asset will look amazing on the player’s back and turn into a fully grown Purrtle with a bit of effort on the player’s side.
Players wearing this backpack while playing in either the Hoverboard Racing or the Cosmic Cup game modes will gain experience for their Purrtle Pack NFT. Once the pack reaches its maximum level, the player will receive a unique 1/1 Purrtle Pet NFT.
The Purrtles NFT collection consists of 10,000 unique, action-focused cats in turtle’s clothes that love creating trouble! Every Purrtle from the collection was carefully generated to allow you to own, bond with, and have fun with your new pet in Cosmic Cup game mode.

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