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Hey Bear Club

Hey Bear Club is a utility-based NFT that stems from the love of art.

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Sept. 1, 2022, midnight (UTC)

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Sept. 1, 2022, midnight (UTC)

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0.02 ETH

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Hey Bear Club is a utility-based NFT that stems from the love of art and fashion while bridging our physical world with the fully immersive virtual realm.

Each bear is special and every holder will have a VIP pass to the holders-only community, fun IRL (in real life) events, airdrops (eg. Future NFT drops sent to the holders), unique merch drops from renowned and upcoming designers, and first-hand experience of the Hey Bear Club web3 initiatives.

Beyond our holders, our aim is to collaborate with various types of communities, starting with the design and tech communities. This will be the platform where artists, graphic designers, fashion designers and those from the art and tech space connect, create and build together for our holders.

INCLUSIVITY FOR ALL: HBC NFT underlying message is inclusiveness, as we believe that each individual is unique and special. And with the right platform, we can uncover those with talents, harness their gifts, and let them grow further.

Our design ideas represent our society at large. Some are more visible than others but that doesn’t mean the non-existence of smaller groups or individuals. And while we all dress up differently outside, we want our holders to have fun and excitement, and to go on an adventure as they embark on the Hey Bear Club journey. And that’s the basis of our designs.

A CUMULATION OF GLOBAL ARTISTS IN ONE COLLECTION: The first journey in the Hey Bear Club is the collection of our bears’ PFPs. While our in-house team will be designing the majority of the bears, we are also inviting various and designers from the world over to co-design some bears, bringing their own creativity, ingenuity, and imagination into the Hey Bear Club.

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