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Nabu Lines is a private community of builders, creators, collectors and entrepreneurs.

NABULINESs nft showcase

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Oct. 9, 2022, midnight (UTC)

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Oct. 10, 2022, midnight (UTC)

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0.1 ETH

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NFT Launch



Line-1 of Nabu Lines, we gathered builders, creators, artists, degens, collectors, developers & many other dope people inside a token gated discord that is called the UNDERGROUND, it’s the backbone of our community.

Line-2 of Nabu Lines, a genesis PFP collection that gives a new identity for our community and will help us expand our numbers of creative and innovative people, in this line we focus on the idea of you don’t have to be doxed to be a legit person, many respectful people are not doxed

Our culture is growing every single day because of how fast the space goes, We focus on having our part in building Web3/NFT culture throughout the technology, our Media, music drops, fashion, magazine, storytelling, educational incentives, funding creators and developers, exclusive cultural airdrops only for holders & etc…

Education is a major factor in the space rn, specially for new comers, also there are always new things to learn even if you have been here for a long time. Thats why one of our lines will be dedicated to running specific web3 workshops and master classes for our community.

No one can deny the power of story telling and how strong stories are. It has already become a trend in NFT space. We have many amazing writers and creators in this field among us that they can bring magic into Nabu ecosystem and help build out our culture in the most effective way.

No more lame experience, dope vibes only. Entertainment been a big factor in human history since the start of time, we will focus on giving top quality time throughout Digital & Dope IRL events, unlike many sausage parties and useless games. Prepare yourself Nabu.

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